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About Us

The Idea

Like most concepts that have worth this idea was born out of necessity. The combination of the unprecedented worldwide pandemic that is Covid 19 and the simple lack of resources to feed starving families in my home town.

As lockdown became a way of life, I was fortunate that my family was safe and well, and was aware that there was a section of society that were not so lucky and needed help putting food on the table. Always being aware of the good work the NUFC Fans Foodbank in association with the West End Foodbank, I was made aware of the lack of fundraising that would be possible due to no matches and so many people stuck at home.

The Plan

As I noticed the rest of Europe was promoting the use of Face Masks by all and knew the UK would have to follow. I looked up one of my old contacts from my textile days. Not surprisingly, he was already manufacturing face masks in a CE registered factory and supplying every type of organisation you could think of in Mainland Europe. These masks were not simply cloth stitched together to cover the face, a lot of time and effort had gone into the designs to make them actually fit for purpose in forming an effective barrier to protect the public as well as having unique designs.

"Masks with a Meaning" was born. The plan was to be able to provide effective face coverings with a message that the public could get behind and the best place to start was with a mask that will save lives. The person wearing it will not pass on any germs through air droplets. The environment would not be overloaded with single use mask's that would eventually end up in landfills or worse the oceans. In the case of the Foodbank mask it will and save lives by feeding those in need.

About Us

The Business

For a business to succeed we must make the most of our resources, so we will design and produce masks for businesses to provide their staff and customers a means of protection. We will also allow other good causes and fundraising enterprises to use our platform to sell their masks and raise funds also. As a retail business we understand that not all customers would want a branded mask to show their support or send a message. That is why we also offer a range of fashionable and plain designs for those who understand the importance of wearing a mask as a basic human decency. We will however donate a portion of profit for every mask sold to individuals to a worthy cause in the form of corporate contribution.

The Masks

All our masks are designed and made in a European CE registered factory which complies with all EU regulations relating to workers rights, treatment and wages. They are designed and made with the right materials and have the properties to act as an true "Barrier Mask" being totally effective in prevention of air droplet transmission of germs. We would prefer to use 100% cotton at all times, but certain designs require a polyester layer so the print does not run out with washing. We offer a one size fits all plus a 3 size option. We can offer a nose pinch option for those who do not want their glasses to fog up. We can also make masks with a slot for an additional filter should it be required.

Lets see what good we can do.