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Newcastle West End Foodbank

100% of the profits from all sales of masks go to the Newcastle West End Foodbank in the form of a charitable donation. 

Nothing compares to a home game at Saint James’ Park and the Newcastle fans streaming through the turnstiles to join the roar as the match kicks off. Before the game, many fans will stop at Strawberry Place and have a chat with the NUFC Fans Foodbank, drop-off some food or put coins in the collection box. Fans supporting Foodbanks are helping to tackle hunger in Newcastle and are top of the league when it comes to supporting their neighbours who have fallen on hard times.

NUFC Fans Foodbank is a banner that has rallied Newcastle United supporters, Newcastle West End Foodbank, and people from across the city in the call to relieve food poverty in the Newcastle. Led by a number of inspirational NUFC Fans, they have raised awareness of food insecurity and worked tirelessly with Newcastle West End Foodbank to ensure food and support is available for people struggling to feed their families. This is the spirit of Newcastle a City united and Geordie’s looking out for their neighbours in their time of need.

Coronavirus brought an abrupt end to our normality and to the spectacle of Home Games at Saint James’ Park. NUFC Fans Foodbank was no longer able to benefit from the generosity of the Fans donations due to lockdown. However, as COVID-19 spreads it is having a disproportionate impact on poorer people as their financial circumstances worsen and the risk of going hungry becomes a reality.  The idea to help raise funds fro the foodbank by selling masks were born.

NUFC Fans Foodbank continue their work to raise awareness, food and funding to make sure food-parcels and support are available to anyone who needs help. Here are some recent Newcastle West End Foodbank figures for your information:

  • 11,700 food-parcels were issued in the 12 months April 19 to March 2020
  • 32,000 people were fed from those food-parcels
  • 40% of people fed were children from families living in poverty
  • 154 tonnes of food used to fill food-parcels over 12 months
  • 23,375 people fed between April and August 2020
  • 210% increase in people receiving food-parcels since this time last year.

These figures indicate that many more people are now experiencing food poverty and financial insecurity due to the impact of Coronavirus on poorer communities.

Your support will help us fill food-parcels for distribution across the City and tackle food poverty in Newcastle. The Coronavirus has created many challenges for us all, but together it is possible for us to sustain our services and make a positive difference for people in their time of need.

Thanks for your help and we hope to see you at a home game soon!

The foodbank in 2022 are still spending over £9000 per month on food to just feed those in need and every contribution helps.  Buying 2 masks will feed a family of 4 for a week.